We want to empower women to embrace their divine feminine energy. Ashlesha’s raw femininity has a mastery in restriction, clinging (aka Clinging Star) and poison relating to it’s symbol or Naga, a coiled serpent. There’s a paradox amongst these natives ; daintiness pure, virginal energy yet through these qualities there’s power, danger and sexual play between the masculine and feminine. Ashlesha has the ability to hypnotize and enchant others through their magnetic energy as well as implanting ideas/ manipulating through the mind due to its mercurial influence (planetary lord: Mercury). Ashlesha embodies Kundalini and when we allow our Kundalini to rise and open, Ashlesha achieves a state of enlightenment and can be healers.

Be your authentic version of sexy, seduction, and magnetism.
Channel it.
Embody it.

We’ve created Ashlesha Fashion to express ourselves and our clothing through Ashlesha archetypes. Based on Claire Nakti’s research, she explains the links between different cultures influencing different nakshatra’s, in which Cuban culture is tied to Cancer/ Ashlesha. With us being Cuban American, we are excited to share our passion as we discover more and more everyday about vedic astrology and parallels between our naturally gravitated fashion style with our lunar mansion (Ashlesha nakshatra). Our intention is to lift other women up and celebrate all beauty types, rashis and nakshatras. We want you to tap into your raw feminine energy and feel empowered in our clothing.

We want to thank and give credit to the vedic astrologers we’ve learned from including Claire Nakti, mentioned earlier, KRSchannel, and AdiParashakti which we’ll link their handles below. Thank you to these individuals and many more that provide information on vedic astrology, through these teachings we can celebrate and cherish a part of Indian culture.

Thank you for supporting us, it means the universe to us xx
-Gabi x Nina

@Claire Nakti via Youtube
@KRSchannel- Learn Astrology via Youtube
@AdiParashaktiA via Twitter.
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